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"We have made only one purchase - quarter sawn heart pine. The lumber was excellent throughout. Good service and excellent wood. I have recommended them already.

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Making Green From Going Green
Reported by NBC29 News


Making Green From Going Green

Jonas Hochstetler isn't going green. He's already there.

You could say Hochstetler and his family-run company, Appalachian Woods, have been in the "recycling" business for nearly 20 years. They take old wood, fix it up, and put new life into it.

The crew re-uses all kinds of wood from oak to chestnut. The wood is taken from old buildings and houses. "If we go out into a building, we utilize about 90 percent of all the wood in that building," said Hochstetler. 

If it wasn't for Appalachian Woods, it would be destroyed and people are willing to pay for this ultimate form of recycling.  "It's getting some exposure and people pay a premium for salvaged wood," said Hochstetler. "Some people are willing to buy this material simply because it's recycled."


Hochstetler was "green" even before green was "in." Now, new businesses are hopping on the bandwagon. EcoDry Cleaners opened in Charlottesville in May. The company uses carbon dioxide to clean clothes, rather than a harsh, hazardous chemicals.

Only about 15 percent of dry cleaners in the country do it, but the ones that do have tapped into a marketable trend. "People are actually coming up to me and saying thank you for opening and they're really sincere," shared EcoDry Cleaners Marketing Director Ty Cooper. 

Whether it's environment-friendly cleaners or earth-conscious flooring, the end result is all about going green.

Reported by Christina Mora









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