Antique Heart Pine Flooring & Millwork






"I happened to find your website on the internet and really like the products you offered, but was a little nervous about doing business with a company I knew nothing about. Your helpful and friendly manner on the phone made me feel much better. You delivered on all promises and my table is beautiful. I would not hesitate in the future to recommend you to anyone!"

Nona Kelhofer



Antique Wormy Chestnut Flooring




Wormy Chestnut flooring is very rich in aged character and has a very unique history. In the early 1900's the American Chestnut tree was virtually wiped out by a blight.

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Insects bored their way through the dead chestnut trees and the result is frequent "worm holes" throughout.

Reclaimed Chestnut makes for a very unique floor and one of our personal favorites.

With similar characteristics to our Antique Oak flooring, you will get occasional saw marks, nail and solid knots.

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2.5" & 3" Chestnut from a recent project in Massachusetts

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Wormy Chestnut flooring will have a mixture of light and heavy wormhole patterns as well as some aging stress cracks.


For history on the American Chestnut click here





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