Antique Heart Pine Flooring & Millwork






"Raymond was extremely helpful and honest about your products. I am very happy with you all as a supplier and with your products"

Steve Hostetter



Antique Heart Pine Flooring
#5 Rustic Cabin Plank



Our Rustic Cabin grade has more character and color variation than any of our other grades.

It may include more frequent checking and scattered nail hole patterns.









Some of the things you will find in the Cabin grade that are not allowed in the other grades are: heavy ferrous and water staining, excessive aging and stress cracks, higher percentages of sap wood and larger color variations. This makes for an exceptional and very unique floor. Due to the highly rustic characteristics of this floor, you will want to plan on adding 15%-20% waste.







This picture shows a close up of some of the character you can expect.

With drastically reduced prices the Rustic Cabin grade is an exceptional value.








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